New book “2 Pills to Rio” is now done and in editing.

My new book, “2 Pills to Rio” is completed and is now in editing.

The entire world has become addicted to OIL. Some feeble attempts have been made to offer alternative modes of transportation but in essence they are a ploy by auto manufacturers to keep installing automatic transmissions in cars with 300 horsepower engines. They know they have to meet an EPA MPG standard or else you would be buying your Cadillac or Ford pickup with a three speed on the column. Brad Mundle has a better idea and develops something that will blow everything else out of the water one hundred fold. Unfortunately no one in the oil industry is happy about it. The same is true for a few governments including the United States. For Brad Mundle it is not enough to just turn over his formulation to those who demand it. He has to die to keep anyone else from getting the formula. How long can Brad stay in hiding in exile, with various people after him? What happens if only one group gets access to such an innovation? What happens to terrorist groups when their funding stops?

Keep checking back to find when the book will be available on Amazon for the Kindle.

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