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Many friends of readers of Alfalfa Connection and Fires of Revenge have asked if my books were available in hard copy.  Well good news!  You can order all five books including the newest book Cost of Our Conveniences    in a paper copy today.  All five  are still available from for the Kindle.  Alfalfa Connection and Fires of Revenge are related and Fires of Revenge is the follow-on story.

Two Pills to Rio is a completely different story that was inspired by my late mentor Joe Keppler. It deals with a dilemma all of us face daily…gasoline prices and our dependence on foreign oil.  Brad Mundle has a solution that solves our addiction to oil.  Unfortunately, those that rake in insane profits from oil are not as excited about his innovation.  In addition, various world powers, including the United States don’t want the potential power of such a discovery in the hands of its enemies. Brad Mundle is in for a long roller coaster ride that may not make it to the end.

The Hero Squad in my new book Cost of Our Conveniences is forced to play a supportive roll.   World tensions are more complex than ever before.  Valuable folks are in serious trouble and heroic sky diving rescues are not viable.   Cunning and stealth coupled with brains and technology must prevail.   It is more like a sophisticated magic trick  than a muscular SEAL intervention.  The reader is in for an exciting  journey  filled with complex international hand shaking and space based nefarious endeavors. It is sure to challenge some of our  inherent “sacred cows”.

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