REVENGE: Before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig Two Graves

(Confucius 504).


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and I live in the Washington, DC Metro area.  I am a Viet Nam veteran and attended Catholic University after my military service where I earned a BA and MA degree.   I was fortunate to have worked in some exciting industries as an engineer both civilian and government.   I finished my civilian career in 2006 with the US Navy and at the urging of a close friend I decided to start a new career as a writer.  Espionage  and the current threats to America inspired me to write this thriller.

As an avid reader I tried to incorporate things into this book that I enjoyed in others’ works.  My characters are fashioned around people I have met, fought or worked with over the years and represent some of the finest military and civilian professionals.  In the past our war heroes were men but now we have women who have stepped up to the task of protecting the greatest Republic the world has ever known.  We are seeing the glorious infectiousness of American freedom as it spreads through other parts of the world. As with any giant there are many who wish to “knock us off the hill” and I write about just such occurrences.  I hope you enjoy this book as it is the first in a series featuring some of these magnificent heroes.

I have been married to the same woman for 41 years and could not be happier as she is truly one of a kind. We have three children and four grandchildren and counting.

For those that may be interested I enjoy many different hobbies.  Golf, Archery, woodworking, scuba diving, music and building and playing guitars.   I have written several songs and recorded my daughter’s Father Daughter Dance song.  Never know what you can do until you try.


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  1. Brian Tapley

    David, we met at david and Barbara’s on chincoteague Island. I followed your advice and since returning to the UK have read the alfalfa connection. I really enjoyed the book and thought that the building of the characters was excellent. Thanks for the enjoyment of the read and I will now get your other novels from Amazon. It was good to meet you and Karen in what was a good trip for us.
    By the way I have put a short review on Amazon.

    1. karday Post author

      Thanks. Exciting to meet a real English Bobby. You will love sequel FIRES OF REVENGE. The new book Two Pilks To Rio is different

  2. Wesley McAuley

    David: I’m class of ’64, but I did not know you at BHS, maybe ’cause you were a “VoCat” (did I get that right?) but you caught my interest with your posting, can you get back to me on email? Thanks

    1. karday Post author

      Yes Wes, I was a VoCat. I did the mixed metal program and majored in hot Metals. Welding, forging, foundry etc. Not surprised most Regulars at BHS never knew us despite us knowing them. I have benefitted from the eduucation I received at BHS throughout my Engineering Career and raising my three children. Being an author, I guess, is my fourth career. I am about to begin my fourth novel so life goes on. I will look you up in the yearbook. Hope you enjoy my books. Keep in touch.


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