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About David Clink

I am a retired Engineer. I am a DAV from the Viet Nam era and I attended Catholic University after the service and earned a BA and MA. I traveled extensively in my job and for pleasure. Married for 41 years and have three children and 4 grandchildren. I haven enjoyed many sports and still play golf. I enjoy archery and music and play and build guitars. I started writing fiction and non-fiction and songs after retiring. My wife and I still operate a Photography Studio.

Novel #5 is Complete

I’m excited to announce that my 5th Novel, “The Cost of Our Conveniences” is complete and in final editing. It should be available before this lock-down is over. What’s it about? Funny you should ask. During the last hurricane I noticed what I thought were unusual forecasts regarding the severity of the storm. Then again, isn’t that the nature of hurricanes? They can’t decide which path to take. BUT…what if someone found a way to manipulate satellite data? Moreover, of the couple thousand satellites orbiting earth, there are a thousand or more that are obsolete and inoperable. What if…? Like the pandemic of 2020, this story is global and the impacts of someone exploiting space for gain is a reality. Who and how can we interdict such an occurrence? Greed, money, geographical and political gain, are never off the table. This is another adventure for The Hero Squad and ANDE Corporation has it’s work cut out for it trying to help and still remain in the shadows. Action, innovation, romance, family and cultural struggles, it’s in here. Everyone is watching a screen and it’s a modern day addiction. Yet it’s also necessary for commerce, health care, and education. It’s energy and it can’t be created or destroyed … just transferred. But who controls the transference?



One of the great things about Kindle type devices is you can get all the books you want without having to go out of the house. All four of my novels are still available through Amazon in both Kindle versions and paperback. I recommend you buy Alfalfa Connection and Fires of Revenge together because Fires of Revenge is as Paul Harvey would say: “The Rest of the Story”

Me The Enemy

My newest book ‘Me The Enemy’  is now available on for both the Kindle and in paperback.  This is a story built on current things happening in the world.  People are a product of their upbringing and those experiences shape the path they take as adult.  We are often our own worst enemy and this book explores how that can play out.  Even when blessed with excellence in intellect, looks, athletic abilities and personality, we can’t always escape what happened I our formative years.  Me The Enemy explores people from opposite ends of the socio-economic spectrum and how their past can make or break them.  Janell, from a privileged immigrant family, feels she is battling the ‘all boys club.’   Bill and Isaac are products of abusive foster homes, and they are desperate to escape and hold one group responsible for their troubles.  A page turner that recalls current events and also involves The Hero Squad from Alfalfa Connection and Fires of Revenge.getting ready for the military, boots


Hello readers,
I have my new book, “Me the Enemy” in the works. It will be another in the Hero Squad series and will be featuring activities associated with a lot of current day events. Looking for rhyme and reason in world politics is like looking for a formula to create a square circle. Where are Americans most vulnerable?  Are our enemies more clever and resourceful at getting to us?  Funding to terrorist is critical so how is that evolving in their camps?  This will give readers an exciting adventure and exploit possible weaknesses in our culture. Not all problems emerge from civil wars beyond our borders.

TWO PILLS TO RIO and current news stories

In the Washington Post Carol Browner, former EPA administrator said, “We will change the makeup of energy in this country, and it will be good for all of us.” To read how this could play out, check out my newest book Two Pills to Rio. A possible spinoff of alternative fuels and how someone outside the main stream energy producers can make a difference…at the risk of his and his family’s lives.

Two Pills to Rio

Sick of roller coaster gas prices? Fed up with wars over oil? Concerned about greed induced corruption in world politics? So is Brad Mundle and he has a solution. However, his fix may be the cause of his death. If released, will it exaserbate the greed on the world stage? To find out read Two Pills to Rio today.

Fires of Revenge

For all those that wrote and asked for a follow-n to Alfalfa Connection, I have great news.   The follow up book is finished and is in editing.  Soon it will be available on the Kindle.   Now for those who did not read the first book, Alfalfa Connection, there is also good news, it is still available on Amazon for the Kindle and also you can still rea Fires of Revenge without having read the first book.FiresGif


5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting read! Couldn’t put it down… July 20, 2012
By Crashing Wave
Format:Kindle Edition
I’m extremely impressed by the excellent story line this first time author assembled. Very realistic scenarios with technical accuracy made this fiction novel come to life! if you’re a Tom Clancy fan or other authors in this spy / military genre, you’ll love this book. Can’t wait for the next one..

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read for all types August 13, 2013
By Gal
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
As a woman I find many spy novels catered to the male reader more then us females. But not this story! Includes some of that gooshy love and family life that held my attention. Proud of the writer for adding some stuff for the gals to enjoy! Story as a hole keeps you reading until the very last word!