Novel #5 is Complete

I’m excited to announce that my 5th Novel, “The Cost of Our Conveniences” is complete and in final editing. It should be available before this lock-down is over. What’s it about? Funny you should ask. During the last hurricane I noticed what I thought were unusual forecasts regarding the severity of the storm. Then again, isn’t that the nature of hurricanes? They can’t decide which path to take. BUT…what if someone found a way to manipulate satellite data? Moreover, of the couple thousand satellites orbiting earth, there are a thousand or more that are obsolete and inoperable. What if…? Like the pandemic of 2020, this story is global and the impacts of someone exploiting space for gain is a reality. Who and how can we interdict such an occurrence? Greed, money, geographical and political gain, are never off the table. This is another adventure for The Hero Squad and ANDE Corporation has it’s work cut out for it trying to help and still remain in the shadows. Action, innovation, romance, family and cultural struggles, it’s in here. Everyone is watching a screen and it’s a modern day addiction. Yet it’s also necessary for commerce, health care, and education. It’s energy and it can’t be created or destroyed … just transferred. But who controls the transference?


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